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Northolab is a small team of customer service focused orthotic manufacturing engineers and designers. With a passion for accurate products and craftsmanship, we have come together with our clinical mentors to primarily service customers in the London, Birmingham & Manchester regions.

Something must be working… We are now extremely pleased to include several corporate and global clients to our growing family of customers. Welcome!

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The team at Northolabs are specialists in the manufacturing of custom foot orthoses using all traditional and modern methods. We have a network at the cutting edge of research and manufacture of 3D digitally modelled, designed and printed orthoses.

Combine our know how with their wiz bang and you will find a manufacturing service that is hard to beat on the market.

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Passionate arctic mountaineers, skiers, golfers, cricketers and snowboarders, bringing awareness about the environment we live and work in. We have structured our business to consider the global impact of what we do, and strive to maintain quality, renewable use of materials and minimal wastage.

We also have a fantastic dog named Jack, who likes catching the rain and stealing biscuits.

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